Friday, May 8, 2009


Look who had their babies this week! Baby ducks are called ducklings and baby geese are goslings. Do you know what baby swans are called?
This lovely family is at the Smiling Pool at the Thornton Burgess Society in East Sandwich. Both the male and female swan look after the little ones. There are many predators in and around the pond that would love to eat a little swan for dinner so the parents are very protective. If a swan hisses or swims toward you, back away! A swan can break a man's arm if it is angry and close enough. These babies are so little that the parents are bringing them very close to shore to feed. Sometimes you'll see the parents pulling up greenery from the bottom so the little ones can feed on the surface. In another few weeks the little ones will be able to poke their heads and necks around under the water just like their parents but for now they need a little help.

The family is ready to move on now.

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