Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Making Like a Squirrel....

It's that time of year....to gather and save what we can of summer for summer is leaving us behind. There are last berries and fruits to turn into jams, vegetables and sauces to can and freeze and so on...

And this year I have been digging out all my old jars and canning tools, replacing the lids and preparing food for the canning or jamming...
Earlier I had made the blueberry peach jam and the kosher dill pickles but this weekend I knew I better get cooking before the rest of the peaches and cukes were gone by....we especially like bread and butter pickles and they are so easy to make!
The hardest part of making jam or canning anything is gathering and cleaning all the jars, pots, funnels and lids and lining everything up so you are ready to spring into action when everything is ready. The actual peeling, cutting and cooking is actually pretty relaxing and fun.
And who doesn't love to open a little yummy jar of summer goodness when the cold winter winds blow?


  1. LOL..I pretty much had a crop failure this year so no canning for me. I do enjoy it though!

  2. Look so pretty and yummy! You will enjoy it all later. I've never canned before. Sounds like so much work.

  3. the set up is the most work-- the rest is pretty easy!

  4. Oh YUM! We make our own jam too, and you can never go back to shop-bought once you've had your won! These look soo good. Nice blog! :-)