Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Fungus Among Us

Although we can always find a little mold and fungus somewhere on Cape Cod in any season pretty much we tend to think of late summer and early fall as the months to really go mushroom hunting. A recent walk at Ashumet Holly Reservation in Hatchville (Falmouth) off Rte. 151 late last week proved to be full of all sorts of amazing fungus finds. Forgive me for not knowing their names....

This nice little round bulbous fungus was all over this pitch pine tree and several others like it. It's hard to see in this picture but they were like little hard balls of mushroom-ness.
This is sort of fuzzy but gives you an idea about the roundness....These fuzzy little guys were also everywhere. They were about 2-3" across and very low to the ground.This was my absolute favorite, found next to one of the ponds there. Doesn't it look like someone spilled some yellow paint? It was definitely a fungus or mold of some sort. I plan to look it up...
Please feel free to let me know what these are if you are so inclined!

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