Friday, August 28, 2009

Spider Crabs!

Spider crabs are very common on the Cape. They are pretty docile compared to other crabs and are not predators so their claws aren't very big. Don't be fooled, they can still give a pinch if they are annoyed or threatened but mostly they mind their own business.

Also called decorator crabs these ground crawling crabs of
ten cover themselves with mud and seaweed to help them camouflage better. They are scavengers though they also eat bits and pieces of seaweed and probably small critters that get caught up in the mix.

Other than the harmless and fun hermit crabs kids lov
e to catch spider crabs are probably the easiest crabs for
children to handle.


  1. not sure i have ever seen one of these

  2. That is one amazing looking crab. New to me too.

  3. They are all over Cape Cod. I used to see hundreds of them every summer on Bass River. Very slow moving and easy to handle critters.