Monday, September 7, 2009

Whale Watching

Thar she blows!
Every year we try to go whale watching out of Provincetown with the family on or around Labor Day Weekend. It started as a birthday tradition and is one we all enjoy. This year's trip with the Dolphin Fleet was spectacular. We saw some great whales very close up, in several cases groups of three traveling together.
These were all humpback whales and the naturalist on board told us many of them were ones not seen by them before. This means they may have been whales that usually summer farther north which have begun to head farther south following a food supply. There were definitely lots of small fish in the water. We saw hundreds of birds feeding off the water's surface and could see fish jumping from below as well.
This one was going down for a dive.....flipping its tail up as it dives down.
This whale was not as close to the boat as it looks and you should know the boat was not moving forward so it was never in danger.....It was one fo three whales that passed in front of and underneath the front part of the boat. As I said, spectacular! I never get tired of seeing whales....

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  1. It honestly takes my breath away and I am just in awe of these amazing creatures! We just might have to take a year off of vacationing out west next year and head the opposite direction.