Monday, November 16, 2009

Milkweed on the Wind

Earlier this fall the milkweed pods were still standing full in the meadows and fields. All seeds have to have a way to find new place to be planted. Some get eaten and digested and left behind in new areas by whichever animal or bird ate them, some hitchhike on fur or hair and some blow away on the wind like tiny parachutes, landing wherever the wind may take them.These milkweed seeds are about to begin their journey. Where will they go? When will they get there? For like most journeys, the journeys of the milkweed seeds might be short and sweet or long and laborious. Some will float away on a gentle breeze and get caught on a branch or in some bushes somewhere. A wilder wind might come along and lift them again and carry them out over the marsh where they might fall in the water. Some might wash ashore onto the sand where they will stick to the bottom of someone's shoe and get carried to a spot of dirt just right for milkweed planting. There is such wonderful randomness in the faith of plants putting forth seeds. They are launched with no idea of where they end up and yet off they go into the breezes and seem to enjoy the ride.

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