Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 4 of Cape Pathways Walk

What a beautiful day we had for a walk today and we got in just over 12 miles from Yarmouth to Brewster. We stopped for lunch here at Crab Creek in Dennis where we got some shade and rest for our weary feet.We saw so many beautiful things along the way like these wild blue flag irises.
These are Indian Pipes, the little white flowers hidden among the leaves and poison ivy. I had to sort of take the picture on the run since the group will leave you behind if you stop for too long.
By the end of the day most of us were very tired and had very sore feet. I know I did. I am hoping I can wrap my feet well enough for tomorrow since we are going to places I really want to go but tonight I'm putting my feet up for sure.
This was some of us on our last break before heading for the cranberry bog you see in the picture above. That is me in the shades and tangerine shirt ;-)


  1. quite a walk. in beautiful surroundings for sure. i had some of those wild irises up here.

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