Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking for Otters

Saturday morning was clear and sunny and very, very cold. A group of us met over at the Skunknett River conservation area where Ian Ives from Audubon was having a program about otters and owls.The pond was very quiet and mostly iced over. A few raggedy cattails were still standing and chickadees called from the bushes nearby but no otters....
We stopped at various spots along the river but no otters....
Though we did see lots of otter scat (droppings) at several "pull out" spots along the way...
Otter scat has a lot of fish scales in it so it is easy to identify. You can see it here as the gray stuff against the brown leaves. Who knew you'd be looking at a picture of scat instead of an ottter?

Oh well! That's the way it is a lot when you go out looking for animals in the wild. You find signs of where they've been and what they leave behind them but often they themselves are in hiding. I often like to think of them watching me from behind a bush, laughing at me. Who knows? Maybe they are.

It was so cold on this day I think the otters were home snug in their dens.

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  1. Unfortunate that you didn't see any otters. If you want to try again, there have been 4 otters hanging out in a small pond in Mashpee for the past two months. You can see lots of photos and videos of the otters (and eagles too!) at this link: