Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Wildflowers

On a recent early morning walk in the Skunknett Conservation Area in Osterville we found these lovely spring wildflowers. Lady's Slippers are fairly abundant here but these are some of the early bloomers. Most were still in bud.Most of the Canada mayflower has gone by but these fuzzy blossoms were still pretty fresh looking.
Star flowers are everywhere....
These are hard to see but area woodlands are full of blooming sarsparilla plants. Can you see the puffy little ball shaped blossoms hiding under the leaves?
Fern flowers are different....and I'm not sure they technically count as flowers but here are their spokes anyway....
And here is Jack and his friends all hanging out in their pulpits....another wildflower that is hard to see and find unless you know where to look....hint....check out damp and soggy areas and look for a triplicate of large green leaves that are NOT poison ivy!

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