Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 1 of Cape Pathways Walk

After waiting out a pretty impressive thunderstorm in our cars we began the 9 day walk across Cape Cod in West Falmouth yesterday morning. There were about 35 of us.We walked on the Falmouth bike path and then up Rt. 15 a bit before turning into a trail on the Crane Reservation. An old cattle farm, this piece of land is huge and has been maintained as open meadow, allowing for all sorts of field flowers, birds, butterflies and other animals to flourish there.
The trails meander in and out of woodlands and there are lots of ferns as well.
I think spring greens against dark bark is one of the most delicious sights at this time of year and I never get tired of it.
And look who we saw going to lay her eggs? Box turtles, like all turtles, travel to the same warm sandy place each year to lay their eggs. Box turtles have a pretty small range and if you live near one you may see it return each year to within yards of where it was last year. This one had spectacular markings.
Today more thunderstorms are predicted and I am not sure I'll venture out on the walk but I'll be posting here each day that I do.


  1. Neat that you are doing this Mary. Oh, folks walk then return home for the night? I always wondered about how that worked.

  2. Hi Suki--we do return home each day and then meet where we left off the next day. It is very well organized...