Saturday, August 13, 2011

This bird house may seem like a good idea...

but it's not. People think these multiple hole bird houses are great additions to gardens because they hope to bring in lots of birds.
This one was put up at a local nature center. I won't mention any names but we did prevail upon them to cover up the holes so as not to encourage the types of invasive birds that like to nest in them, such as house or English sparrows...
Can you see the little hole at the top? The birds got in anyway and this is their third brood of the season. The problem with these aggressive little sparrows is that they are much tougher and pushier than most of our native songbirds and will actually bully other birds out of their nesting spots, even killing the parent and baby birds that are in their way. I'm not advocating injury to these birds but if we can stop offering them free housing like this that may help with their overpopulation. Very few of our local birds would nest so close to each other but these guys will just bicker and push each other around and live together uneasily if noisily.
Here's one of the little guys waiting for mom or dad to bring new food. Check out the paper wasp nest that was starting to be built there, too.

Many people put up these multiple hole bird houses hoping to attract the purple martins that once frequented our area. These cavity nesting birds are starting to make a comeback in our area but you must have special habitat situations for them to consider nesting in your yard. If you are interested in learning more please check out any of the bird information websites that offer nesting information and birdhouse plans.

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