Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is Springing all over!

Just came back from a fabulous walk in one of Barnstable's many lovely conservation areas. This one was the Otis Atwood area in Marstons Mills and on a lovely sunny spring afternoon the mayflower was in bloom all over, the chickadees were phoebe-phoebe-ing like crazy and we got a great look at a Cooper's hawk that tried to stare us down but gave up and flew off. My favorite part of the walk was seeing my very first spring azures, the tiny little blue butterflies that seem to arrive just in time for the blooming of the mayflowers!


  1. Hi Mary,

    I love your blog - the header picture is fantastic! I also envy your closeness to beach and ocean! I live in Calgary, Alberta. Canada, and although we usually have spring by now, it is VERY late this year. We have had cold and some snow every day for the last week plus! The weather prediction is that by the weekend the snow will end and we will begin to see more seasonal temperatures. I guess in the meantime I can come to your blog and enjoy spring vicariously!

  2. so many lovely places to go on the Cape.