Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Of Frogs in bogs

Our local frogs spend most of the winter buried in the mud. In early spring they reappear in most of our freshwater areas but they especially like cranberry bogs, whether they be wild ones or cultivated ones. The ditches seem to offer lots of good hiding spaces, plenty of sun and a whole banquet of tasty flying insects that come in to nectar on the cranberry blossoms.
At this time of year they are still looking pretty dark. This coloration helps them blend in to the murky dark backgrounds much easier than if they were the bright green they will be later in the summer.
There is a different frog in each of the two pictures above. Do you see them?
Here is a closer look at one...
And the other. These both appear to be bullfrogs as they do not have the long lateral lines going down their sides. Both frogs were quite small and probably only completed their metamorphosis late last year. Bullfrogs are pretty cool and you can click on their name to get more information.

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