Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kids and Nature

Kids and nature are a natural mix and just a simple walk can be full of all sorts of wonders.

You might spy a painted turtle on a rock.
You could stop at a bird blind along the way to see what you could see.

You might see a red-winged blackbird singing and showing off his red epaulets.

You could find a caterpillar like this wooly bear crossing the path. Notice how it curls up to protect itself.
Or a box turtle. This lady was the first to be found on the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary this season. She was brought in to the center to be weighed and measured and checked to see if she was a sanctuary regular. The sanctuary has been keeping records of the box turtle population there for many years and kids love to be part of gathering the data.

Or some Fowler's toads. These gentlemen had taken a wrong turn and were found in a damp stairwell when we went outside to play some games after lunch. Their black chins and release noise told us they were males. Toads often can't seem to tell the difference between males and females if they are excited about mating and the males have a special noise they make to let other males know they are not females. The kids were very excited to touch and hold these little toads before we released them far from the stairwell.

What did you see today?


  1. Mary what a fun nature tour with the kids. i just love that top photo of all the backs and colors of jackets. you look like you are happy sitting there with the kids.

  2. Thanks for following and taking the time to comment, suki. I'm hoping when school opens next week to get some more answers to the questions about animal homes and then i'll post the answers ;-) (you had one right)