Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keeping the birds out...

Although many of us love to have birds around there are many who are not so fond of them. There are reasons for this. Living by the sea means living with gulls and gulls are big. They eat a lot and yep, they poop a lot too. When you see caps on posts like this you know the owner of the dock doesn't wish to have gulls hanging around messing up his or her dock. Of course gulls are not stupid. They sit on the dock itself quite fine.
Around here ospreys are beginning to nest in or on top of chimneys and roofs so things like this are beginning to show up as well....
These spin in the wind and scare the birds, at least in theory. At least one nest has been built beside one of these things.
This is another thing home owners and dock owners are not fond of....broken shells of mollusks and crabs dropped by the gulls. Gulls drop these savory items from up high to break them open and beach parking lots are full of the evidence of their success. Truth is that they drop them on softer surfaces, too, but the hard surfaces are the ones most of us are familiar with. Boat owners may also take issue with this.

This walkway is at a local beach and will be cleaned daily once the beach season begins but for now, it is one big buffet table for area gulls.

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