Monday, April 11, 2011

Yellow birds make me happy...

I love goldfinches. I always have. They are one of the first birds I learned to identify as a very small girl and I have loved them ever since. There's just something cheerful and gutsy about them and I do all I can to keep them around. I leave the dandelions growing--they LOVE dandelion seeds almost as much as thistle, I think--and I grow sunflowers just so I can watch those bright yellow birds on those bright yellow flowers on summer mornings. I let the wild evening primrose grow tall as well, for there's something about yellow flowers that seems to attract these little guys. Goldfinches just make me happy. What can I say?
All winter long the males look almost the same as the females but this past week the males have started to sport their true colors. Check out this little guy--he has a white spot in the middle of his black cap--
The females will stay a more subdued olive green color all summer so they can stay hidden a little better but I think they are very pretty and elegant as well.
These two are feeding at the thistle feeder and right about now I think there are a dozen or so that are hanging out in my yard. Pretty soon it will be dandelion time and that should bring in even more!

These pictures were taken yesterday in my yard in Hyannis.

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