Monday, April 18, 2011

Mayflowers are blooming!

One of my very favorite signs of spring is finding the first blooms of our state flower, the mayflower, also known as trailing arbutus....
The bristly tough leaves can be found along the sides of many trails on the Cape but I especially find them in Barnstable. They like the early spring sun, do well with acidic soil and hug the ground so often go unnoticed except by those who look for them.
Often you have to look under the leaves to see the buds and I knew that this patch of plants had buds last week so was hoping to see blossoms on our morning walk.
Some blossoms look white while others have a pinkish cast. They all smell delicious. They are not in full bloom everywhere yet but if you are out and about this week, take a look for them. They are well worth the effort.

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